We spend a lot of time, hours and resources combing through the internet to identify helpful Ai Tools, then test and review them daily for users free.

This takes about 15+ hours of research and adding content daily.

To keep this going, we appreciate partnership and sponsorship. If interested, kindly check the attractive offers below.

NOTE: Most are only for a limited time because we are in the early stage (just as Ai tools are too and growing in numbers daily) and as the platform grows, prices will jump. That while we prioritise long-term partnerships over just short-term ads.


We focus on long term result and not just short term as the platform is also still in early stage and growing. Thats while our contents are SEO optimized on the website, youtube and social media to ensure evergreen traffic funnel for your added and reviewed Ai Tools across out platforms.

Below is an example of one of our reviewed Ai tool video ranking on youtube for the targeted focus keyword within 4days after posting it. Your Ai tool stand the chance to enjoy same opportunity considering the reviews posted about it during the ads will be SEO optimized and permenently remain on our platform even after your ads ends. If will still keep giving your Ai tool organic high converting free traffic.

Watch video:



Website Packages:

1. Trending Section – your tool will be added to the trending section (top on the website homepage)

2. Feature Listings – your Ai tool will be top as features in its category for example if the user checks Ai Tools For Images sub-category where your Ai tool is listed, it will be top on the list

3. Banner ads – auto-rotated across the website – Top and within Ai tools listings pages for more exposure.

4. Listing – If your Ai tool not existing yet in our directory it will be added (remain there permanently even after the promotion ends but will lose other premium boosting features like featured listing and be removed from the trending Ai tools list and others)

5. Verified Ai Tools Badge – Your Ai tool will be marked verified to boost its credibility (that remains even after the promotion ends)

Social Media Packages:

6. Review video: 2-5minutes review video posted on our youtube channel and embedded in your Ai tool review page. A sample is AgentGPT Ai Tool Review

7. Short video: 1 (50seconds short video) shared on our social media account (@AiToolsReviewed) on Youtube, Twitter, Discord, TikTok and Instagram (5,000+ total community across the 5 social media – as I said, Ai is just starting and so the platform is just growing too)

8. Tweet Thread: 1 tweet thread per week to promote your Ai tool listing on our Twitter handle



(1) Early Beta Sponsor A ($30USD):

1. 1 Week (+ 1 Week FREE for believing on the platform at this early stage) = a Total of 2  Weeks duration

2. All promotional packages under “offers” above. (1 Tweet Thread in 1 Week = 2 Tweet Threads to promote your Ai Tool listing in 2 Weeks)

(2) Early Beta Sponsor B ($100USD):

1. 1 Month (+ 1 Month FREE for believing on the platform at this early stage) = a Total of 2  Months duration

2. All promotional packages under “offers” above. (4 Tweet Threads in 1 Month = 8 Tweet Threads to promote your Ai Tool listing in 2 Months)

EXTRA: Early Beta Sponsor B ONLY (Special Bonus):

3. You will be entitled to at least a 25% discount for 3 months after your first adverts whenever prices increase (this will happen soon as the platform grows with more Ai tools mass adoption). This is our token of appreciation for your support at this early stage which will help us a lot to have basic funding to focus on building the platform with helpful Ai tools for users for free daily. This takes over 15 hours of research and adding content daily.

(3) Early Beta Sponsor C ($50USD) – Featured AI Tool of The Day (Sponsored):

We do atleast 1 tweet thread daily reviewing Ai Tools on Twitter which is gradually getting more Ai Enthusiats read through. This unique ads slot is the second or third (we rotate as deem fit) in tweet in the thread which ensures its get more eyeballs close to the first tweet in the thread.
1. 1 slot daily through out your ads duration – This means your Ai Tool will be recommended in one of our daily tweet thread and will be added at the “Featured Ai Tool Of The Day” spot daily.
2. Duration: 1 Week (+ 1 Week FREE for believing on the platform at this early stage) = a Total of 2  Weeks duration

3. All promotional packages under “offers” above. +  (7 Tweet Thread feature in 1 Week = 14 Tweet Threads feature to promote your Ai Tool in 2 Weeks)

Note: This “Featured Ai Tools of The Day” Slot is currently limited to only 2 Ai Tools Promoted weekly. So, hurry to book a slot ahead of the week you want to run the protomotion to ensure you can secure a slot.



Payment Methods:

Below are the only 2 ways you can pay for any sponsorship plans above.
1. Cryptocurrency (preferably Bitcoin, USDT, USDC, MATIC and BNB)

2. Use International payment processor platforms like, and which will help convert the USD or whatever other country currency you want to use to GHC/GHS (Ghana Cedis) and deposit it instantly into our Mobile Money accounts in Ghana.

NOTE: Paypal and other payment mediums are not acceptable for now.

To make a payment kindly Contact us Here to receive payment details based on your preferred mode of payment from the above options.


 Ads is a digital delivery. Thus, all payment are final and non-refundable. 
Kindly ask any mind-bothering questions you have about this promotional offers even before making payment at all to be sure you understand it and have realistic expectation of the delivery before making payment at all please.

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